In Pursuit of Hog Dogs - by Ed Barnes

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 “In Pursuit of Hog Dogs” is the account of Ed Barne’s personal journey of learning hunting dogs, and hunting hogs with dogs in Oklahoma. Along the way lessons were learned, chiseled into memory with pain, and other lessons were more easily passed down by old dogmen. Many of those lessons are relayed to the reader of “In Pursuit of Hog Dogs.” Ed takes the reader through the changing landscape of wild and feral hogs in America, spanning Hernando De Soto introducing domesticated hogs to America in 1539, to the importation of Eurasian and Russian hogs in the late 18th and 19th centuries, to the closing of the range and finally the fast evolving sport of today. The pages are scattered with accounts of memorable hunts, told as if spoken with a friend, but each hunting story having insight tucked into the light heartedness. Ed Barnes gives us his often rebellious thoughts on picking pups, training, trash-breaking, bulldogs and even hunting manners. As the editor of Tuskers Magazine, Ed brings the reader a well-rounded view of hunting hogs with dogs.


(Blurb by Pat Lewing) From the founding editor of Tuskers Magazine, Ed Barnes, comes "In Pursuit of Hog Dogs." As a fellow hog and big game dog enthusiast I was informed and very entertained as the author eased me through the history of the feral hog and directly into his meager beginnings as a dog hunter, then on to becoming the editor of the most successful hog dog magazine in print today. Each story contains priceless information on lessons learned the hard way and ideas based from the authors perspective of what a true hound should be. If you hunt with hounds or just own a hound this book is a must for you.


320 pages

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