Missouri Legislation


MO House Bill #177: “Four new sections relating to feral swine” If passed, will make transporting live feral swine a crime, and require written permission to hunt private land.  Renames feral hogs, feral “swine”.
HB #177 Current STATUS

MO House Bill #1127: “Feral Hogs for Human Consumption” – If passed, will allow any MDA or USDA-inspected slaughter house or meat processor in the State to process feral hogs for Human Consumption.
HB #1127 Current STATUS

MO House Bill #283:  “New sections regarding feral hogs, with penalty provisions” – If passed, the Bill will increase the fines and penalties for releasing feral hogs.
HB #283 Current STATUS

MO House Bill #278: “Allows all honorably discharged veterans to fish and hunt without a permit, with certain exceptions” – If passed, outlines situations where honorably discharged Veterans can hunt & fish without a permit.
HB #278 Current STATUS

HB #450 – “Youth Hunting Permit Bill”Requires a hunter at least six years of age but less than 15 years of age to hunt in the immediate presence of an adult hunter with a valid hunter education certificate card.
HB #450 Current STATUS

Senate Bill #376:  “Old Drum Bill” – If passed, the bill would designate “Old Drum” the historical dog of the state of Missouri.  The 1870 Court Case involving Old Drum spurred the phrase, “dog is man’s best friend”.
SB #376 Current STATUS

HJR #4 – 2018 MO Constitution Amendment:  “Right to Fish & Hunt” – If passed, “no law, rule, or regulation shall unreasonably restrict hunting, fishing & harvesting wildlife or the use of traditional devices and methods.”
HJR #4 Current STATUS

HB #905 – “Breed Specific Bill” – Prohibits villages, towns, and cities from regulating dogs in a breed-specific manner.
HB #905 Current STATUS

HB #1134 – “Dog Bite Bill” – Provides that a dog owner may be liable for any serious physical injuries caused by such dog other than from a bite.
HB #1134 Current STATUS

HB #262 – “Service Dog Bill” – Revises the definition of “service dog” to include animals that provide support or therapeutic functions for individuals with psychiatric or mental disabilities.
HB – #262 Current STATUS

SB #374 – “Service Dog Harassment Bill”Modifies the penalties for any person whose animal chases, harasses, or otherwise prevents a service dog from carrying out its duties.
SB #374 Current STATUS


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