Deluxe Cut Kit for the Field

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This kit should have everything needed to allow you to do your best to save a dog from immediate death in most situations. As the supplies get low in your kit visit a store and refresh your supplies. Some of these items are available at, some are available at your local grocery store.

Some very important items that are not included in this kit are Dexamethazone (an anti-inflammitory) and Xylazine or Xylamed (a sedative). Visit your country vet to see if you can get these, they are prescription drugs and we cannot legally sell them.

You also will always want to have at least a couple bottles of water on hand at all times. Life itself is based on water!

This is just a basic kit and you should have a much more involved kit at your home for more in depth care of dogs.

This kit should stay close when hunting, in the truck, ATV, or even better yet - in a backpack that you carry on our person.



(2) 5-0 Nylon Suture with FS needle
(2) 4-0 Sterile Nylon Suture with FS needle
(2) 3-0 Nylon Suture with FS needle
(1) #3 Scalpel Handle, Fits Blades #10-#15
(2) #10 Sterile Scalpel Blade
(2) #11 Sterile Scalpel Blade
(1) 5in Needle Holder
(1) 5 1/2in Curved Forceps
(1) 5 1/2in Operating Scissors
(4) Alcohol Prep Pads, 70% Isopropyl Antiseptic
(4) Povidone Iodine Prep Pads Antiseptic
(2) 2x2in 8Ply Gauze Sponges
(2) 2in x 2.1yds Sterile Stretch Gauze Roll
(2) 3/4in Plasti-Pore Tape Rolls
(1) 35w Staple gun
(1) 2oz Bottle Povidone Iodine
(10) Povidone Iodine swab sticks
(1) 4oz Bottle Alcohol
(1) 2oz Bottle Hydrogen Peroxide
(4) 14 Guage Syringes
(10) Benadryl tablets (Diphenhydramine) 50mg
(4) Tampons
(1) IV Administration set, 15dr, 78”
(2) Latex Co-Flex bandage 2” x 15’
(1) Package of blood stop (flour)
(2) Packages powdered Pedialyte
(1) 3-pack Alcohol swab sticks
(1) Roll 1" x 10yds cloth medical tape
(1) Instructional Booklet
(1) Carry Case - Small case pictured.

The Deluxe CutKit is only shipped UPS, so it is not available to Po Boxes.


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