Why I left FaceBook, and why I won't be back.

Last night I was censored on FB, presumably for using the word “faggot.” I didn’t post “Hey, lets all go meet up and kill some faggots.” I wasn’t even talking about fags, I just used it as a generally degrading term. While that may not be popular in our present world I am neither ashamed of my conduct, nor sorry. What I find more “hateful” than the term is censorship. FB is a private company, and they DO have every right to censor me, or anyone for anything they feel like. (within the law)

The FB police deleting my post (that was aimed at helping a dogman with legal fees) then wagging their self-righteous finger in my face was the straw that broke the camels back. I left, for good.

In our present world leaving FB is the equivalent to packing a donkey up into the mountains to become a bitter old hermit. I have my bearskin coat ready. I have two ventures that will suffer from my absence - The Oklahoma Dog Hunters Association, and Tuskers Magazine. These entities will still be represented on FB through the work of others though.

While my abrupt exit might have seemed a decision made in haste, it was not, it was something that had been on my mind going back at least a couple years. This last fourth of July, as kids ran around the yard shooting off Chinese fireworks in celebration of our independence, myself and a few close friends were having a conversation about our social media dependence. It is a common conversation. FB is harmful to our hunting culture - to deny that is to deny the most basic of facts. Social media has opened up our closed world and spread it all on the table for anyone and everyone to see, to see and react to, to fight against. Most in this world cannot handle the harshness of our culture - the honesty of our hands covered in blood. Our enemies spy on us, collect information that we willingly share, and even use the information we casually give up to try to end our way of life. We walk into a den of thieves, our flush wallets sticking out of our back pockets, only to have it stolen time and again, yet we return.

When George Orwell penned the book 1984, he envisioned video cameras on every light pole, our government watching our every move. While he was right in many ways generally he of course never imagined that cameras weren’t needed on light poles. We willingly video our life and post it up for the government, and more importantly, big business to see and scrutinize.

2018 Fourth quarter revenues for FB were 16.9 Billion. Thats a “B” for BILLION and quarter means they made that in three months! So how? Think that is from ads you scroll past on your time line? Think again! They are selling our information. They know EVERYTHING about us. We told them. Last week everyone willingly scanned their face for a face-recognition data base. George Orwell would be very disappointed. If a stranger knocked on your door and asked if he could scan your face almost no one would go for it, but make it a cute game and we line up, like cows for slaughter.

As FB makes billions off of us, like milk cows lined up to be milked, that’s just not enough for Zuckerberg and his cronies. No, the money alone isn’t satisfying their greed. They want POWER and influence over our society and the politics that steer it. In January of 2012 FB had us all strap electrodes to our heads so they could run some psychological experiments on us. They skewed peoples news feed to either the very positive, or the very negative, then “watched” us to see if their alteration of our “environment” affected us. Seems fanciful, but it is true, research it. And what they did is legal because we are all free to come and go on their little web page. Leading up to the 2016 presidential election FB once again altered what we were allowed to see. They can control what information we get! It is no great conspiracy theory that FB is left leaning. It comes as no great surprise that conservatives are routinely censored on their platform.

We can no longer sell a gun on FB, as of yet you can still sell a dog, but that too will soon be gone, BUT you can sell 47” purple dildos, sure, why not? Pictures of wild game with blood are blurred, and warnings slapped on them, BUT a 64 year old homo in a speedo bent over spreading his butt cheeks? Sure, come on in, welcome to the “community,” here’s a list of our “standards of conduct.”
We have all talked about leaving, I did myself for years. So why do we not? Why do we surround ourselves with the enemy? And even more, allow them to fleece us. Are we all that desperate for attention? Are we all that lonely? So lonely that we would rather be in the company of our enemy than be by ourselves?

What we need to do is go back to the days of forums or build other platforms where we can organize and socialize with like-minded people, free from the exploitation and confines of the liberal left.  If we expect a future we have to control our own media!  Places where WE can control who is in them. Places where WE control our own “community standards.” Places where we are not packaged and sold like so many pork steaks. But, it won’t happen, we will wake one day to find ourselves in a virtual world version of a concentration camp, and we will have to brush our teeth knowing we walked right in and handed our minds and our freedom to the gatekeeper - for 2 pieces of gold.

While I will not be seen on FB, know that I am still alive; the earth isn’t flat, and the waters fine.   ~Ed Barnes

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  • Rob P

    Well stated!! For the same reasons I left FB and Instagram a year ago. I was amazed that I do not miss it at all. And it feels like I have more time as I am not scrolling through my feed all of the time. I would also like to see the forums become more popular again. I think it’s a much better platform as you stated for our non-mainstream type of interests

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